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We are Business & I.T People who understand how to leverage I.T to your advantage. We use leading edge technology, deliver rapid diagnosis & reliable solutions on time & budget.

Quick Tech Tips

The subject line of your Emails should be a true indication of why you are sending the email. Use terms that relate directly to the email .

Email Tips

Get a quailty surge protector for the computer. These help protect your computer during an electrical storm and could save thousands in repairs, insurance companies cant replace the data. We recommend THOR powerboards.

PC Tips

After reading e-mails take action. You dont need to respond to all emails and dont be afraid to delete emails a big mailbox can cause corruption. Dont forget to empty your deleted items folder.

Email Tips

Keep your anti virus up to date and run scans evey week at a minimum. If something doesnt feel right it proably isnt call an expert the longer you wait the more damage is done

Virus Tips

Computers like cars need a regular service. If you cant do it yourself book a technician to assist you every 6 months .

PC Tips

Words can be selected by double-clicking.You can select the whole paragraph by clicking the mouse button three times on any word in the paragraph. .

PC Tips

Welcome to iTLC for Customer Focused Solutions

ITLC has a proven record in proactively assisting new and existing businesses maintain a stable and reliable IT platform to service your clients and stay ahead of an ever changing, fast-paced IT industry. ITLC is your single point of call for supplying, installing & supporting hardware, software, broadband and networks at extremely competitive prices!

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